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Necklace Zircon Hip Hop New


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Wave Hip-Hop Copper Inlaid Zircon One Row Necklace 5mm 3mm 4mm Row Inlaid Zircon Necklace

Style: Europe, America Material: Copper Types: Necklace For: Unisex Shape: A row of zircon necklaces Production: Inlaid Zircon Brands: Hip-Hop Gumon Colors. 5mm Gold 18inch (copper + zircon) 5mm Silver 18inch (copper + zircon) 5mm Gold 20inch (copper + zircon) 5mm Silver 20inch (copper + zircon) 5mm Gold 24inch (copper + zircon) 5mm Silver 24inch (copper + zircon) 5mm Gold 30inch (copper + zircon) 5mm Silver 30inch (copper + zircon) 3mm Gold 18inch (copper + zircon) 3mm Silver 18inch (copper + zircon) 4mm Gold 18inch (copper + zircon) 4mm Silver 18inch (copper + zircon) 3mm Gold 20inch (copper + zircon) 3mm Silver 20inch (copper + zircon) 4mm Gold 20inch (copper + zircon) 4mm Silver 20inch (copper + zircon) 5mm has the same rose gold, can consult . . length:51cm (incl.) -80cm (included).

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5mm Gold 30inch (copper + zircon), 5mm Silver 30inch (copper + zircon), 5mm has the same rose gold, can consult, 5mm Gold 24inch (copper + zircon), 5mm Silver 24inch (copper + zircon), 3mm Gold 20inch (copper + zircon), 3mm Silver 20inch (copper + zircon), 4mm Gold 20inch (copper + zircon), 4mm Silver 20inch (copper + zircon), 3mm Gold 18inch (copper + zircon), 3mm Silver 18inch (copper + zircon), 4mm Gold 18inch (copper + zircon), 4mm Silver 18inch (copper + zircon), 5mm Gold 20inch (copper + zircon), 5mm Silver 20inch (copper + zircon), 5mm Gold 18inch (copper + zircon), 5mm Silver 18inch (copper + zircon)


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